About the Blog

I’m using a blog simply to share my thoughts on topics that I love. I want others to be impacted by the topics that I write about in the best way possible! My goal is to help my readers with solving common problems while also giving them a unique and fun read.

Here are some topics you will see on my blog:

  • College – If you’re a college student, these are the perfect posts for you. Everything in this category will range from how to be successful throughout your college career to something simple like how to be a better note taker. College is hard, and even though I’m still figuring it out as well, I’m here to help you!
  • Just for Fun – The topics in this category are just how they sound — fun! These posts are primarily random topics, but I am passionate about them. Head over to this page if you’re feeling creative or just want to read something out of the blue! Expect to find posts about travel, interior design and helpful tips.
  • Film & TV – I’m super interested in the film and TV industries. In fact, I’m considering them as a part of my future career! I love talking about my favorite movies and TV shows, so all of my conversations will be under this page. I’ll also suggest some movies and TV shows to watch if you’re looking for something new.
  • Disney – If you know me, it’s no surprise that I’m dedicating an entire category to Disney. I love talking about it and offering my ideas about the company. If you love Disneyland or want to know more about it, stay connected to this category! I’ll share my favorite rides and how to have the perfect Disney day trip! Look out for posts about Disney movies as well.

There’s no doubt that I will add more topics in the future, but these are the starters. Be sure to look for some unique posts such as “My Top 5” and series on topics! “My Top 5” will appear in any category and will list five of my favorite things based on the subject. A series will focus on only one topic but will be continued through several posts. A new post will arrive every Monday!