Get to Know Me!

Hi there! Thank you for visiting my blog! My name is Emily, and I cannot wait to share my thoughts and advice to the world! Here’s a little info about me!

I am currently a college junior studying business and pursuing a major in marketing. I have always been fascinated by marketing and how it helps businesses to grow and reach out to people. The creativity associated with marketing is what I love the most. A company can express themselves in so many different and unique ways!

I attend college in San Diego, California but am from Sacramento. There, I live with my mom, dad and my adorable dog, Ziggy. I love to listen to music, watch my favorite tv shows, and have fun with friends!

A fun fact about me is that I LOVE anything Disney. I am an annual pass holder to Disneyland and I try to go once or twice a month. For me, it’s a place to have fun and forget about any worries!

My goal for this blog is to reach out to primarily college students and give them some tips on life and surviving the stepping stone that is college. I will also have “just for fun” posts where I write about my interests and hobbies! Other posts will involve relationships, traditions, faith, positivity and mental health. I am wanting to expand my knowledge and experience with blogging so I can use it as a resource in the marketing world!

Be sure to check out my Pinterest and Instagram to follow my adventures, including Disneyland trips (surprise, surprise) and my plans for the future!

Thanks again for giving my blog some support! It is always appreciated. Have fun and enjoy!